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We need you!

13. november 2015
Young leaders

This is my key-message to the CEOs and decision makers of today. The talents of today are ready,  have the energy, the knowledge, the competence and the guts to lead us forward!

Tale til Ledertalentene 2015 (e24) fra Anita Krohn Traaseth

– You can disregard the possibility of finding coal or oil on the continental shelf off the Norwegian coast.
This was written in 1958, in a letter to the Foreign Ministry of Affairs, from the Norwegian Geological Survey.
Four years later, in 1962, the American company Phillips Petroleum send a letter to the Norwegian government asking for permission to do research as they believed it was oil and gas in the North Sea.

Seven years later, the day before Xmas Eve 1969, Phillips reported: We have found oil! The rest of the story we know.

In 2014 – we got a wake-up call – halved oil prices – 50-60% of our export income dramatically reduced. Unemployment numbers increasing, rapidly. Combined with the urgent need for a digital national transformation and an increased awareness of taking actions and respond to the global climate crisis – Norway was per definition in transition.

It’s been 44 years since we’ve had a national transition at this scale, and though our country is not yet in a crisis – it will hit us, hard, if we don’t act, in the speed of change that is now called upon.

You belong to the first generation Norwegian leaders, since 1971, that will lead a national change project and be part of a global transformation. We need you now.

– We need you to lead in challenging times
– We need you to scale our economy in new ways
– We need you to drive us towards a more sustainable future
– We need you to come up with brave new solutions to our politicians
– We need you to set a new standard for courage, credibility and vulnerability
– We need you to build international networks
– We need you to deliver above the traditional job descriptions
– We need you to change the established truths
– We need you to participate in the society, with opinions and solutions
– We need you to ask WHY
– We need you lead by example in your company, in your industry
– We need you to digitalize our companies and our public sector
– We need you to change the old management bonus systems
– We need you to redefine our social security system
– We need you stay when you want to give up at mid-management level
– We need you to build hope
– We need you to LEAD

– The world is overmanaged and underlead”,says professor Kotter at Harvard – and now it’s your time to lead – to make a new fundament, create and build a new storyline that your grandchildren will read about (not on Google…) the stories of what happened in 2015, when a small group of brave young leaders decided to lead the transformation of Norway – to a new global ‘pole position’.

We need you Iris Helen Nicolaysen (Social Entrepreneur of the Year) to dare to be a role model for female entrepreneurs and for social entrepreneurship. We need you to help us increase the low % of female entrepreneurs in Norway, we need you to #payforward your knowledge on how to build a business, in a new way, far away from the Norwegian market, in Africa. Because we need you to change our culture from ‘aid to trade’ – to demonstrate how Norwegian entrepreneurs can make a difference in emerging markets.

We need you Karl Munthe Kaas (The Innovator of the Year) and Lasse Smedsvig (The BrandBuilder of the Year) to keep disrupting our value chains and change our habits. We need you to be a rolemodel for how it’s possible to create more powercpouples, like Rema & Kolonial – we need power couples – for corporates to innovate and startups to scale. And we need you Robert Gulevski (Top 10) as a role model for being an intrapreneur, solving and implementing corporate change-projects, safeguarding and developing existing jobs in established companies like Posten/Bring . And we need to show how to create brand new jobs, like Lasse with Adams Matkasse growing to 300 employees in only two years.

We need you Johan Brand and Tobias Beck (The digital heads of the year) to play a central role of the needed digitization of our country. We need you to challenge and change the established educations system and to roll out the red carpet for next generations teachers, students and politicians. We need you to put Norway as a gamechanger for global, digital learning. We need you to continue to be willing to invest some of your time teaching todays leaders what your ideas and drive is all about.

We need you Siren Sundby (Bridgebuilder of the Year) to bridge even bigger tasks – between academia, sports, business and politics. We need you bridge new ways of global partnerships, not my way or your way, but the third way. Embracing diversity as the source of fresh thinking and new practice.

We need you Andrzej Golebiowski and Kine Alm (Top 10 list) to be at the very front of developing a common, Norwegian understanding of the potential in the new high growth potential industries, health and renewable energies. We need you to explain what solar energy is, the potential of commercializing a spend of 12 billion kroner in Health research, how Norway and Norwegian expertise and contribute to solve the energy and health crisis in the world and at the same time, make money, jobs and new solutions.

We need you Arab Umar Dar, Christian Rørholt Moe, Lars-Erik Eriksen (Top 10 list) and Andreas Reklev (The FinanceStar of the year) to tell us how the financial industry will go through more changes in the next ten years than in the past 100. We need you to take a lead in developing the next generation financial services. We need you say yes to leading even more demanding changes and tasks. We need you to be a rolemodel for diversity, for how a multicultural background is not an hinder, but an asset to make a successful career in Norway.

We need you Suzanne Kaluza (Top 10 list) to redfine traditional content in women magazine, upholding traditional gender views -we need you to continue to speak up and participate in the national debates. How you, with facts, passion and a smile changes the way we think and act. We need you to have ambitions, big ambitions Suzanne.
And to the top 3, Jan Frode Johansen, Mie Holstad and Espen Sundve – you have been selected as the top three talents – with talent comes responsibility – we need the three of you to take on extra responsibility to keep this group united, and to network with global talent groups. Stick together.

We need you, the three musketeers to never give up when you meet resistance, for you will meet lots of resistance. We need you Espen Sundve (The Third leadertalent of the year) to be a digital visionary for more than the media industry in Norway! We need you Mie Holstad ( The second Leadertalent of the Year and The Business developer of the year) to develop our oilfund – to dear to lead dramatic changes, challenge the established economic thinking. And we need you Jan Frode Johansen (The Leadertalent of the year) to use your skills to coordinate national, complex tasks in a global perspective.

I belong to the Criseless generation in Norway, born in 1971 – the year when the Industrial Committee of the Norwegian Government created the ten oil commandments; carving out the visions and key principles on how we as a country should capitalize and safeguard our new discovered fortune.

44 years of prosperity, growth and wealth – from one of the world’s most productive incubators-The North Sea, an incubator that made it possible to build up the world’s biggest pension fund, created a stable national economy and build up a social security system few countries have.

My generation will be part of the change, but YOU will be the ones who will have to do the most demanding leadership tasks – you will be the ones who will disrupt our country’s educational, financial, economic and social situation – because we have no other choice.

You will be the ones who will build the most important bridges between business, politics and public sectors. And maybe, already, next year the e24 Talents will have a category for Bravest young Politician, The game-changer in the Public Sector?

I will promise you one thing, the day I don’t understand the drivers of change, the day I work against change, the day I get afraid of talents, loose connections with the new generations – I have to options: either I step up – or step out. If I don’t see this myself, I trust you will tell me!

This is my key-message to the CEOs and decision makers of today. YOU are ready – you have the energy, the knowledge, the competence and the guts to lead us forward.
We need you!

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